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that clear. he's put that in writing to the american people. he's running against president obama who when he first ran promised no tax would ever be raised on anyone who earned more than $250,000 a year. we've now seen seven taxes in obama care that hit the middle class directly as well as the many that hit it indirectly. and romney's also changed -- i'm sorry. obama has changed his tune on the promise for the future. the new plan, he said, starting august 8th in colorado and repeated is he won't raise your taxes next year. so after 2013 there is no promise from obama for any american on any tax protection. he's open to raising taxes on anyone and everyone. and he's going to have to because even with his tax increases on the higher income people, he runs a $6.7 trillion debt over the next decade. and that buffett rule tax raises less than 1% of the debt he's running up. he's got to go straight at the heart of the middle class to pay for his bigger government. >> i think it's very interesting. i still have not heard from mr. norquist whether any tax increases should be necessary to deal with
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1